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Sunday, May 4, 2008

What is Greatness?

This is the one word that is the most vague in the explanation of what I seek in life? While currently I myself lack the words to explain it succicently, I'm confident of being able to concretely spell it out soon enough. In the meanwhile I'm studying what some other men, whom I hold in great regard think about the same.
This is what Bonaparte had to say on it:
Great men are those who can subdue both good luck and fortune.

Somehow the above quote doesn't quite capture the meaning I'm looking for. But this one does,

I used to say of him [Napoleon] that his presence on the field made the difference of forty thousand men.--Duke of Wellington

This is something that is much beyond excellence in whatever pursuit you're engaged in. This has got more to do with what you are inside out. In this situation, it seems much related to the Man that Napolean was. But this is still too vague to be of any use.
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